All of our super detox recipes use Slim Kitchen’s powerful detox tea, these contain specially formulated natural herbs and ingredients from the Far East. The recipes were carefully crafted by our lead Slim Kitchen nutritionist Apollonas Georgios who knows a thing or two about how to detox, slim down, look good and feel energised!

You can replace one cup of your DAYTIME tea with one of these fab recipes below.

Do you have a special recipe using our detox tea? We would love to hear from you, please get in touch!

Slim Kitchen’s Detox Summer Cocktail

In the process of weight loss and detoxification berries are your best companion. This stunning looking detox berry juice cocktail will dazzle, provide you with top class hydration and flood your body with a micronutrient abundance…

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Slim Kitchen’s Chlorella Green Smoothie

This green smoothie serves as a supersonic detox potion, while giving you all the benefits of good nutrition and weight lost. Chlorella is an exceptional source of protein excellent source of amino acids, magnesium, iron and trace minerals…

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